Brad Magness
of Bean Blossom, Indiana
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Brad Magness and his band, "The Flying Buffaloes" has been a mainstay of the Hank Williams Festival for the past 25 years.
   In addition, the Bean Blossom, Indiana native helped form the Hank Williams Fan Club.

   "This (2012) year will be my 21st consecutive year of coming to the festival," said Brad. "The first year you might not want to count, because it was held at the high school. Mary Wallace, Junior O'Quinn and myself went over to Garland, and set underneath a tree, and formed the Hank Williams Fan Club.
   "That year, people were still living in the house where the museum is. The City of Georgiana bought the house and began developing what is now the Hank Williams Music Park.
   "Before the big stage was built, we played at a small stage at the back of the post office. We'd bring our equipment and start setting it up about 7 am. By 9 o'clock the other musicians and crowds would start together, and we'd play without a break until 6 pm.
Boy, you talk about getting hot. It felt like 150-degrees up there.
   "We donated all our time and equipment. We've always felt like it was a good cause."

   "I've been playing since I was eight years-old," he continued. "My big break came in 1975, when I became associated with the Little Nashville Opry in Nashville, Indiana. All the country music singers came through there at one time or the other. Unfortunately, it burned down in 2009.
   "I've been able to make a good living in the printing business, but I've supplemented my income by playing music.
   "Two years ago, the vocational school I attended in high school needed a Graphics Image teacher. I talked with them and decided that was a little better than what I was doing, so I went to work teaching. I'm still able to get away on the weekends, and then I'm off all summer."

When asked about his philosophy towards life, Brad replied:
   "It doesn't matter what you do for a living; digging ditches, or performing at the highest level, what really matters is how you convey yourself to other people. If you are nice to others, it will show. If you're not nice, they will notice real quick.
   "The folks that we've got coming to this year's festival are some of the nicest in the business. These people have been around for years. You can't be an entertainer for 30 or 40 years and not have something up your sleeve, when it comes to entertaining others.
Brad and his band in 2019