Mark Wills
   Mark Wills was born August 8, 1973, in Cleveland, Tennessee. He signed with Mercury Records in 1996, and  released five studio albums for the label until 2003.
   Of his albums, Wish You Were Here is the best-selling, with a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. This album's title track and the late 2002 release "19 Somethin'" both reached number one on the country music charts. Besides these, six more of his singles have reached Top Ten on the charts: debut single "Jacob's Ladder", "Places I've Never Been", "I Do (Cherish You)", "Don't Laugh at Me", "She's in Love" and a cover version of Brian McKnight's "Back at One".
   Mark Wills has captivated fans and listeners for over two decades. He achieved his first top-charting success at the young age of 23, and has maintained longevity in the music business that many artists can only dream of. His mission is to create country music filled with depth and meaningful substance to create lasting memories through the words.
   The year, 2020, was a slow year for Wills and many other entertainers, because of the Covid Virus.
   "Doing shows is my favorite pastime right now, and working," he said. "I have really missed working. I will wholeheartedly tell you that there's been nothing more special in my life than spending time with my family. I have enjoyed being with my wife and daughters, and projects at the house.
   "But also, I have honest-to-God, truly missed the people I work with. For some people, the people you work with, the people you tour with, are just employees, maybe for some people that's the case. For a small unit like us, who all travel together on one bus and spend a lot of time together, it's been tough. We love each other."