Mary McDonald was born and grew up in a small rural community in Southeastern Oklahoma near Stonewall. She was the third of four children born to Oran and Alma (Smith) Kerr. Mary would probably be called the "Black Sheep" because her interest was very different from her two Brothers, and Sister. She was a dreamer, and a loner to some extent. Never quick to make friends, and shy. As a youngster her Dad was a sharecropper, and moved the family every year until Mary was 11 years old, It was then her parents bought their own farm.

   Mary's interest in music started at a very young age (4) She would place a chair right in front of
the radio, and listen to the "Grand Ole Opry" attentively…and dream…But no one seemed to
notice her interest in music…At 11 years old she scouted out the new home place, and found the
perfect stage for her own Grand Ole Opry, a huge flat rock that set on the bank of the creek that
ran through the place…The trees were her audience…still dreaming…At age 17, Mary married,
then graduated from High School, and left Oklahoma to live in the state of Virginia, a year later
she toured several countries in Europe with her Husband in the military..Then, back to
Oklahoma, Mary attended A Beauty College, finished and received her cosmetology license, and
has owned a beauty salon for 23 years.
   Mary has three children, two Daughters, and one Son. As long as they were still at home, Mary
was always there for them, But she had begun singing locally from time to time. When the kids
grew up, and had their own lives, Mary decided to pursue her life long dream of singing (first she
taught herself to play the guitar) Mary couldn't be happier with her success, She has been the
opening act for several country music legends. In 1998 Mary won  "Female Vocalist"at the
International TMA awards show (traditional music association) She has also won a number of
other awards. Mary travels from coast to coast promoting "traditional" country, gospel, and
bluegrass music.
   In 1999 she opened her own "music barn"(opry) located on her childhood home place, shows
are the 3rd Saturday night each month, where two of her children perform each month, Lisa
plays drums, and sings, and Dhana sings, her son Marty gets to occasionally play lead guitar
with, the "Barn's" Country Pride" band, and just for the record, her first stage is still there on the
creek bank…Mary, and her husband Louie bought the home place in 1973 where they raise
black Angus cattle, and Louie is the sound man at the show.
   In 2001 she published her first traditional country cookbook, it consist of over 600 recipes from
her fans and friends from every state, and several foreign countries.
Alabama has always been special to Mary for a lot of different reasons; she has made so many
wonderful friends, and fans.
   The "Alabama Pecan Festival," in Mobile, The Hank Williams Festival," in Georgiana, and "The
Hank Williams Museum," in Montgomery. Just to name a few.
Mary just discovered on her last trip to Alabama, that her ancestors on her Mothers side first
settled in, Tallapoosa County, Al in the mid 1800's, "Isaac Smith", was a great-great-great-great
grandfather , His place was known as "The Smith Place" with 700 plus acres. Mary was
fortunate enough to find the place. (Have you ever felt as though you had already "been here
before?) "De'ja'vu"?? That is how Mary said she felt her first time to visit Alexander City,
   If you ever have the opportunity to go see Mary, and listen to her sing a "real" country song, I
think she will gain another friend, and fan.
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