Edward Johanssen of Laholm, Sweden
Edward and The Hayriders
   My name is Edward C Johansson, born in 1988, and I'm from Sweden. I have been working as a musician, (singer and rhythm guitar) for a couple of years now and I mainly play country and rock n' roll music. I also have a band, a group we call "Edward and the Hayriders". We play at all different kind of places, gatherings and festivals around Sweden and sometimes Norway as well.
   Since I was five years old I have been listening to Hank Williams Sr. He is undoubtedly my biggest idol and above all greatest inspiration when it comes to country music. During our music tours I always include a couple of Hank songs, and I do everything I can to keep his memory and music alive. Last year we did a Friday & Saturday special - "Hank Williams Sr Show" - at a Country Music event (Killhults Country Festival; most important in southern Sweden). It was very much appreciated! At the very same festival, me and the Hayriders had the fantastic pleasure to back up no less than Mr Harmonica himself: Mr. Charlie McCoy, when he was performing his part of the show at the Country Music Festival. He gave us "thump up" which made us very proud!
  I'm going over to the US, by my own, on May 29 for approximately three weeks. With me on this trip, I've got a scholarship from our local Government, in order to do some research on the life and music of Hank Williams. Including visits to those places where Hank used to live, stay and be at, and further on to gather information and inspiration… Etc. Etc. Among such places, I intend to go to Montgomery, AL. Where I will visit Hank's gravesite, as well as I will visit the museum there. And of course on June 1-2 I will attend the Hank Williams Festival in Georgiana!
   My question is… Is there any chance or possibility, to perform two or three Hank Williams songs at the festival June 1-2, to honor Hank? That would definitely mean the world and the optimal experience for me, when back in Sweden, on my music shows presenting the result from my research trip in the footsteps of Hank Williams.
Very sincerely,
Edward C Johansson
Halmstad, Sweden
    I'm proud to have been inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Jackson, TN even though I'm more of a genuine C & W singer!)